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Soooo much has gone on.
And no one wants the details so I'll spare you the drama and focus on the love.
I'm having a shoot tomorrow with sam.

The plan is kind of industrial/fashion photography
So I'll make it happen with my mad cheap camera.

I'm excited !
I miss you all !

Everyone gimme an update !

<3 Jackieee
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I havent been uploading stuffz forever. School has been mad busy.  But i have a sick shoot planned for this afternoon with my friend Kristen... so brace yerselves guys !

everyone lemme know whatss upp
i miss you all !
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Tell Me Stories

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 27, 2010, 1:06 PM
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I am so so tired today !
I shot this morning, it was glorious.
Do You Mean To Challenge Me by MyHomeIsTheOcean Places I've Been In My Dreams by MyHomeIsTheOcean
More to come !

How is everybody. Tonight is my last shift at my crappy job <3
Im so excited. That reminds me, I should make cupcakes hahaha !

What Lies Beneath by CainPascoe:thumb176878356::thumb177018089:

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Tuesday Afternoon Featuree

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 24, 2010, 11:00 AM

Mesmerize Me by oO-Rein-Oo One Day Simplicity by darkdex52 sunlighted girl by Valioza:thumb176630441: breathe by deepinswim Beauty's in eye of beholder by Lisa-Schneider:thumb176470670: Red Sail by sycamores-and-cedars Hello Patrick by lomocotion:thumb166647979: my secrets by Lisa-Schneider .:Needle Eye:. by Frank-Beer Left by Shreeb:thumb174881437: Hacia la luz by Noelita she by Dotblackdot:thumb175847096: You have to forget me by Julie-de-Waroquier F E N C E S by xxLights The Still Vanish. by Dastorm-Photography Paperthin Hymn by Emily-Charlie The dancing shoes by green-daydreamer No one behind this hands . by MariaLalala Desolacion by sakgaa And nothing else matters by AmadaDelMundo


Hows errrbodayyyy !?
Gahh I have werk tonight. Ive been so lazy all day. Photographing coffee cups and making a chicken hahaha im tired I hope im not getting sick. I quit one of my jobs now everyones mad at me. Haha. : /        And school starts next week, im SOO SOOO excited !
Everyone leave me a comment and tell me things. ! <33


Tread Softly by MyHomeIsTheOcean Tuesday Afternoon Coffee by MyHomeIsTheOcean Meet Me On The Moon by MyHomeIsTheOcean Our Greatest Feat by MyHomeIsTheOcean Sleep by MyHomeIsTheOcean As The Sun Sets by MyHomeIsTheOcean Last Night's Dreams by MyHomeIsTheOcean


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Update + FEATUREZ !

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 4:57 PM
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Rays by Beckibracelet:thumb173302043::thumb174536998: Fantastic Point of View by JacquelinePHOTO Hinode -2- by cangurgel there's a light inside us all. by CarolineZenker You Are So Beautiful by ParachutingFish yin and yang by deepinswim Letter by schnotte:thumb174006293: Save tonight by PolinaChernova i do not feel IV by cangurgel marble skin and an icy heart by iraisavampire:thumb173051116::thumb173085217:       

Stuffz is super sweet.
Art is amazing.
Explosions in the sky is the constant soundtrack to my evenings.
And the skies never cease to amazing meh <3
I have werk tomorrow at the crack of dawn, but its alright.

I hope everyone is doing as well as I am.
Its important. <3

I start school again in a month, im super pumpedddd !

Last Night's Dreams by MyHomeIsTheOcean

Everyone sleep amazing ! :)

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Im Back ! + FEATURE

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 18, 2010, 4:58 PM
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I iz back from Bermuda ! I missed everyone and home !
Pretty much all i did was eat and sleep and photograph and read books that left me disappointed hahahaha

Heres some photos !
I scuba-dived and laid in the sun and ran around a street festival and had a ball <3

Come With Me by MyHomeIsTheOcean The Eye Of The Storm by MyHomeIsTheOcean Look Into My Heart by MyHomeIsTheOcean I Was Holding Your Hand by MyHomeIsTheOcean Hold Out Your Hands. by MyHomeIsTheOcean Sing For The Sun. by MyHomeIsTheOcean I'll Trust This Feeling by MyHomeIsTheOcean Catch Your Breath by MyHomeIsTheOcean

Tell Me Whats Up !


Jump into fall by blanklives We failed, Captain. by Klopsik-K:thumb171675084: sound of sea by SabrinaCichy white stripes by DarkGomo Long III by cherrilady I've made it through the day by Soten-Ni-Zase

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Broken Frames

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 7, 2010, 6:07 PM
Really im serious.
Go Listen to the new Eyes Set To Kill album.
It's WONDERFUL. Its called Broken Frames and.. go listen to it.

:thumb170428730::thumb170425842: First Aid by AbandonedZone 5. Seeking Solace by greenxin 10 by bezumie the fog is rising by la-child Parachute by Ten-thousand-spoons Fly Away by AndieMakkawaru Dzieki Palace II by kostucha Homicide by EndFriday I Don't Miss You pt. 1 by GrayDay Control Over Time by oO-Rein-Oo When the circus came to town by nine9nine9 Oblivious by AlmostCesar Contort by javertime

I wont be on here for a week starting Friday.
Ill be in Bermuda with the fam and I must say, I'm pretty excited <3
Especially for the sick water scape photographayzzzz <3 !

Everyone sleep well ! <3

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Tell Me What You See

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 3, 2010, 7:45 AM

I'm going to the most lovely beach today
I'm drenched in pink and gold today


fall into reality by Holunder Its Such A Lonely Sky. by Dastorm-Photography A splash of beauty by Cattereia Spider's web by little-ana Dark Yet by carly-jean remember childhood by Holunder colour of your dreams by patrycjanna 178.365 by DarkGomo:thumb169657595::thumb156732357: Control Over Time by oO-Rein-Oo:thumb161908228::thumb169307499: My legs by ourneverland System by AbandonedZone     Oh, The Mysteries by Lacybug   

So Far From What I Thought by MyHomeIsTheOcean

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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 26, 2010, 7:34 AM


I want to buy you flowers. by Feelonia

Mature Content

Wanna be your freedom by AlexandraSophie
:thumb168876080: Jump and touch the sky by noukka:thumb168853055: Daphne by Rauschen Stay with me.Dream with me. by Bunnis my imaginary Redhead 0 by andaRCHT:thumb168939091: Postcard From Yesterday by NotBlackEnough Maux sous peau. by Feelonia Life by burcumbaygut Ann10 by Malyavochka Oh blue by ByLaauraa Ordinary World.. by Khomenko Overgrown by brittsperspective The Isolation Game. by Dastorm-Photography:thumb167053398::thumb81718551: A Man Alone... by SpAmSaLoT Deer in the headlights iii by jonjacobsen kaczynski by soapy--H2O Gone is Here by carly-jean P I N K by kyu-to

I def accidently pulled the main power lever at werk lastnight and put the store in a blackout and set off the systemmmmmm wahhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha ima mess i suppose <3

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This is my new page. For those of you who watched me prior to this, thanks for following, if means A LOT.
My style of photography is on the verge of taking on a new soul. Though I love and am passionate for photography that may be a bit on the dark side... it's time to move on. Im not sure why, but the tides are turning and the winds are blowing. And I'm not going to fight it. New Horizons, I've found, generally bring good, opposed to bad. I'll keep my head up and my soul ahead.

I am inspired.
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